Minecraft 1.4 Overview

Minecraft Beta 1.4 is now released! You can update by opening Minecraft and logging in and you should get a screen asking if you would like to update. You may be wondering what is new in the 1.4 update, well here is what is new: Wolves Added cookies Reset spawn point when sleeping in bed. […]

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Minecraft Wolves

There had been talk of wolves coming to Minecraft and in a tweet Jeb linked to this picture:   Included in the tweet Jeb said that the wolves know how to sit!

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The Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft

When you open up Minecraft for the first time you may be wondering what to do and what is so good about this game. Well hopefully this guide will help you get started in your Minecraft world! What is Minecraft? Minecraft is basically a game where you mine and you craft (as the name says). […]

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Minecraft Foam Pickaxe!

Daniel Kaplan posted a link on Twitter to a photo of a toy foam Minecraft pickaxe! Below is the picture of the pickaxe posted on Yfrog. The text on the label reads: “Just because you’re not at your computer doesn’t mean you have to stop mining! The Minecraft Foam Pickaxe is exactly what you need […]

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How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Here is how to make glass in Minecraft! 1. Find some sand. 2. Next make a furness out of 6 cobblestones. 3. Now right click on the furness and put a block of sand at the top and then wood/wooden planks/ coal at the bottom. 4. Then once the glass is smelted click on the […]

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How to Change Minecraft Password

To change you password that you use with Minecraft follow these steps: 1. Go to http://minecraft.net. 2. Sign in to your account. 3. Click on profile. 4. Click on the link under the heading “Change password”. 5. Enter your current password then enter your new password!

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Mojang’s New Game Announced “Scrolls”

Mojang (the guys behind Minecraft) have been working on a new game for a while now, the game until now was known as “The Game That Has Not Been Announced Yet” and it now has a name! That name is Scrolls. Scrolls is a single player and online fantasy card game where you can play […]

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How to Stop Lag

Here are some things you can do to stop lag in Minecraft! These things may not work for everyone but its worth a try! Most of these things are done in the video settings. These are some things you can try: 1. Change the render distance by clicking esc then going video settings and then […]

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How to Change the Minecraft Controls

Here is how to change the controls in Minecraft! To change the controls follow these steps: 1. When you are in the game click esc on your keyboard to bring up the menu. 2. Click on Options. 3. Then click on Controls. 4. To change a key click on a letter then click the control […]

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How to Start A New Game

In this tutorial I will show you how to start a new game in Minecraft! Here is how to start a new game: 1. Open Minecraft. 2. Click Singleplayer. 3. Click Create New World 4. Name the world. 5. If you want to know about the seed for world generator see this post or just […]

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