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Minecraft has Released a New Greek Mythology Pack

Minecraft has officially launched a new downloadable content pack for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The new DLC provides players with nearly 40 skins in the style of Greek mythology. You can grab the pack for only $4 and get all of those skins plus a custom texture set, a new ...

Minecraft to Hit 10 Million Copies Sold Today

As we have all seen Minecraft grow into the behemoth we love to play with today, Jens Bergensten finally anounced today (via twitter) that Minecraft will reach the monumental mark of 10 Million copies sold all around the world. Minecraft has humble beginnings, it truly embodies the traditional story ...
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Minecraft on Xbox Live Considering Mods

Just a quick update, Xbox Live updated Minecraft to 1.8.2 adds creative mode, new food and new mobs. The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is now closer to it’s PC counterpart, especially with talks of maybe adding a modding feature to the game in Xbox. This isn’t something that will be coming ...
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Minecraft for Xbox 360 Arcade (FREE?)

While browsing the “coming soon” section at my local GameStop, I realized the Xbox version of  Minecraft was being released this week. I’ll be giving away some of the copies to people who comment on this post, not sure if we’ll be able to do content on the blog for this version. Here ...
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Minecraft 1.0 Updates

Here is a full list of the updates in Minecraft 1.0 Added animal breeding Added mushroom islands Added nether structures (fortresses) Added nether mobs and new item drops Added snow biome Made swamps prettier Added villagers in villages Added craftable snow golems Added potions and potion brewing Added ...
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Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Trailer Released

Oh man, Mojang just released a new trailer for the “Adventure Update” on Minecraft 1.8. Because there are so many things coming with the update, Notch might not release it today (9/8/2011) but it’s all rumors going around Youtube and blogs. Check out all the details, including eldermen ...

Minecraft Leveling and Permadeath

  According to a recent article on PCGamer, Notch has revealed the purpose for that mysterious bar in one of the pictures he posted last week while discussing some level height-increases. The bar I’m talking about will serve as an Experience bar, which will allow your character to level up ...
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(TEASER) Minecraft 1.8 Updates

While browsing Jeb_‘s twitter account I noticed that he had posted a new scree-shot that featured chicken being cooked!     There also seems to be a bar under the heart/life monitor that I’ve never seen before, which could be for armor because to the right of the hears you can ...
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Attention Minecraft Addicts!

If you’re like me, playing Minecraft is a daily activity. My goal is to find a few dedicated players who enjoy entertaining and pushing the limits in the game. Not only does that mean you should love playing, but you have the ability to create unique structures, art, and buildings in general. What’s ...
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Video of Weather, Stats and Achievements in Minecraft for Beta 1.5

This video was posted on YouTube and shows the weather feature in the upcoming update of Minecraft! You can see the video by clicking on the link below:    Read More →
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