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The Simpsons is Coming to Minecraft on the Xbox

The Simpsons are making their way from Springfield to the Minecraft universe in the form of a fully-textured skin pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions! The release is expected to come in late February 2015 (around the same time as the new ability for players to change their in-game names). ...

Minecraft to Allow Players to Change In-Game Names

This week, Minecraft announced that their latest feature – the ability to change your in-game name – has reached the second stage of its development process. For a while, Mojang has been hinting at this release and now it’s finally here. The third and final stage in this feature’s ...

Minecraft to Hit 10 Million Copies Sold Today

As we have all seen Minecraft grow into the behemoth we love to play with today, Jens Bergensten finally anounced today (via twitter) that Minecraft will reach the monumental mark of 10 Million copies sold all around the world. Minecraft has humble beginnings, it truly embodies the traditional story ...
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Minecraft 1.4 Overview

Minecraft Beta 1.4 is now released! You can update by opening Minecraft and logging in and you should get a screen asking if you would like to update. You may be wondering what is new in the 1.4 update, well here is what is new: Wolves Added cookies Reset spawn point when sleeping in bed. New Minecraft ...
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Minecraft Wolves

There had been talk of wolves coming to Minecraft and in a tweet Jeb linked to this picture:   Included in the tweet Jeb said that the wolves know how to sit!  Read More →
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Mojang’s New Game Announced “Scrolls”

Mojang (the guys behind Minecraft) have been working on a new game for a while now, the game until now was known as “The Game That Has Not Been Announced Yet” and it now has a name! That name is Scrolls. Scrolls is a single player and online fantasy card game where you can play other people. ...
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