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Minecraft has Released a New Greek Mythology Pack

Minecraft has officially launched a new downloadable content pack for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The new DLC provides players with nearly 40 skins in the style of Greek mythology. You can grab the pack for only $4 and get all of those skins plus a custom texture set, a new ...

Minecraft + Metroid Prime = Minetroid!

Just when you think Minecraft couldn’t get any cooler, developers have recently released an adaptation of the popular Metroid Prime game as a mod for Minecraft, dubbed Minetroid at the Minecraft Forums. Check out the let’s play below!  Read More →
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Dishonored Mod for Minecraft!

Download the Mod Download the Map We’ve seen some really awesome mods, but honestly, this Minecraft Mod is amazing. Youtube super dude, DaveChaos, has released a video detailing the Mod. The download includes a whole new set of items you can craft yourself, which include Corvo’s outfit, Corvo’s ...
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