Halloween Builds Gallery

Take a look at these awesome Halloween builds in Minecraft!

Halloween Minecraft | The Cursed Village

There’s a spooky village that nobody dares to enter – especially on Halloween night! In this video, MrWilliamo decides to risk it and try “trick or treat” on some of the houses to find some candy… but what he ends up finding is something a bit more scary!

Minecraft has Released a New Greek Mythology Pack

Minecraft Greek Mythology Pack

Minecraft has officially launched a new downloadable content pack for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The new DLC provides players with nearly 40 skins in the style of Greek mythology. You can grab the pack for only $4 and get all of those skins plus a custom texture set, a new UI, and a new soundtrack. Skins include Minotaur, Cyclops, Medusa, Cerberus, Poseidon, and more!

What should we do with this puppy? Vote now!

Over here at MinecraftBlog.com, we have a situation on our hands! We found this little guy creeping around our house… And we need your help to figure out what to do with him. Vote in our poll and share it with your friends! Whichever action gets the most votes is what we’ll do. His fate is in your hands!

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Learning Java through Minecraft

Learning Java with Minecraft Modding

Minecraft is an open-world 3D game in which you are able to build and craft virtually anything you can imagine – from tools and houses to functioning computers and pianos. You can expand upon the world’s capabilities by using what the game calls “mods.” These are essentially modifications that you make by adding bits of code to the game.

The programming language Java is used to write the game so you’ll want to become familiar with it in order to alter Minecraft. When you first download the game, your browser runs an applet that’s downloaded to your machine in the form of a .JAR file. This keeps your memory footprint small as you travel through the game by loading and unloading ‘chunks’ as necessary.

Java is a programming language that’s relatively easy to grasp. Once you have a basic understanding of it, you’ll be able to change the look and feel of the game, create brand new structures, and even add new characters to the Minecraft universe. As your Java skills develop, you’ll be able to create new items, mini-games, and more. You’ll find that Java is a very versatile language and that being able to edit .JSON files will be a valuable skill both in- and out-of game.

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The Simpsons is Coming to Minecraft on the Xbox

The Simpsons Minecraft Skin Pack

The Simpsons are making their way from Springfield to the Minecraft universe in the form of a fully-textured skin pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions! The release is expected to come in late February 2015. The downloadable skin pack will allow you to play as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (but not Grandpa). You can also choose from 19 additional characters from the Springfield Elementary School. The Minecraft community is made up of more than 17 million players – who have been voicing their collective desire for new content and additional characters. Twentieth Century Fox and Microsoft have joined forces to answer the call! The Simpsons is the longest running scripted show in television history. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games with more than 100 million downloads. Many players and observers alike are excited to see what players create with this new skin pack.

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Minecraft to Allow Players to Change In-Game Names

This week, Minecraft announced that their latest feature – the ability to change your in-game name – has reached the second stage of its development process. For a while, Mojang has been hinting at this release and now it’s finally here. The third and final stage in this feature’s development process will be its implementation into the game (which is set to occur on February 4th). Some players are suggesting that this feature will ruin the game while others are excited to have the ability to change a name they may have picked a long time ago.

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Minecraft for Parents

Minecraft is more than just a game that kids enjoy playing – it can also be a great creative outlet for them! Minecraft allows your children to build anything they can imagine and explore a seemingly infinite series of worlds. To many parents, their children’s fascination with Minecraft can be awfully perplexing but a deeper look at the game can help to resolve this and even elucidate the educational value of the game.

The Basics

Minecraft has an 8-bit look, making it look like a simple game, but there’s actually a lot more to it than first meets the eye. When you start, you’ll begin by carrying out simple tasks such as building an elementary structure for safety, chopping down trees, digging tunnels, and harvesting food. You’ll learn to craft tools, weapons, stockpile supplies, and create very intricate structures as you progress through the game. Of course, some elements of gravity and physics don’t necessarily apply in the Minecraft universe, giving players a bit more flexibility than they might otherwise have.

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Poll: Which Minecraft bed would you choose?

This week’s poll asks, “Which of these Minecraft beds would you choose?” We first shared this poll on Facebook and it got a ton of responses! We’ve decided to open up an official poll to see what the most popular bed is. Vote for your favorite and leave a comment letting us know which one you picked and why!

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How to Improve Minecraft Performance

Minecraft has a way of making your computer lag but, fortunately, there are some quick things you can do to improve performance.

Lighten the Load

Be sure to close any applications that you aren’t using while you’re playing Minecraft so that the maximal level of your computer’s resources can be allocated to playing the game. You would be surprised by how much memory your computer uses to run Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. If you’re using a laptop, be sure to plug in it so that your computer doesn’t switch to ‘power saver’ mode, sacrificing GPU and CPU performance.

Allocate More Memory to Minecraft

This is a quick and easy way to make Minecraft run faster. While in the game, you should continue to watch your computer’s performance so that you can see what tweaks and in-game events adversely impact your experience. To launch Minecraft’s debug mode, simply press F3 on your keyboard. When you do this, you’ll see a line on the top, left-hand side of your screen that shows your FPS (frames per second) and a number of recent chunk updates. Since Minecraft maps are infinite, your computer cannot create all of it at once. Therefore, it renders chunks instead. The game renders more 16x16x256 chunks as you move around. Fast computers allow this process to happen more quickly while slower computers may encounter lag – especially while flying.

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