Fun Things to do in Minecraft

Minecraft Ender Dragon

Minecraft is an open world game without any specific goals. As a result, it’s easy to find yourself not knowing what to do! Of course, you can explore, build a house, and make new friends, but what about some outside-the-box activities to spice up your Minecraft life? Let’s take a look!

Minecraft Wizard’s Tower Build

Minecraft Wizard's House

Today we’re sharing a build for a Wizard’s Tower that’s situated on a 256×256 desert patch surrounded by water. A corner of the island also has a really cool pyramid to check out!

Top Minecraft Houses – Submit Yours!

Think your Minecraft house is really cool? Want to show it off to the world? You’ve come to the right place! You put a lot of work into making your house and it’s time for everyone to see your base. We’ll be looking at all submissions and featuring some of the best right here at! All you have to do is fill out the form in this post.

How to Craft a Workbench (Crafting Table) in Minecraft

How to Craft a Workbench (Crafting Table) in Minecraft
One of the most important items in Minecraft is the crafting table, otherwise known as a workbench. When you first start, you’ll have a small 2×2 crafting grid for constructing simple items. To produce anything more complex, like most tools, weapons, and armor, you’ll need a workbench. Learn how to create one with this post!

How to Craft a Torch in Minecraft

How to Craft a Torch in Minecraft
Are you looking to light up your humble Minecraft abode? A torch is the perfect tool! Torches are essential pieces of equipment for survival in the Minecraft universe. They help keep mobs away, provide illumination in your home, and keep you safe by lighting up your path. A torch is able to melt snow and ice within a two block radius and emits a level fourteen light. Read more to learn how to craft an ore torch, a redstone torch, and a jack-o-latern.

Minecraft Meme Gallery

Minecraft Memes
Check out this gallery of awesome Minecraft memes!

Minecraft + Metroid Prime = Minetroid!

Just when you think Minecraft couldn’t get any cooler, developers have recently released an adaptation of the popular Metroid Prime game as a mod for Minecraft, dubbed Minetroid at the Minecraft Forums. Check out the let’s play featured in this post!

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Minecraft to Hit 10 Million Copies Sold Today

As we have all seen Minecraft grow into the behemoth we love to play with today, Jens Bergensten finally anounced today that Minecraft will reach the monumental mark of 10 Million copies sold all around the world. Minecraft has humble beginnings, it truly embodies the traditional story of “rags to riches” fueled by tons of talent, hard work, and innovative products.

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Dishonored Mod for Minecraft!

We’ve seen some really awesome mods, but honestly, this Minecraft Mod is amazing. Youtube super dude, DaveChaos, has released a video detailing the Mod. The download includes a whole new set of items you can craft yourself, which include Corvo’s outfit, Corvo’s sword, a wheel-lock pistol, the Blink rune (with working teleport), whalebone charms, Sokolov’s Elixir and – everybody’s favorite – whale oil, which blows up when thrown.

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Minecraft – Kerplunk

Geoff and Gavin from Achievement Hunter bring along the rest of the lads for a game of Minecraft Kerplunk. It’s like the original kerplunk, but with way more people suffocating.

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